Monday, June 9, 2008

Eagle owl

The owl that fell into Mrs. Jane back yard. It eats small creatures such as Lizards and small foxes. It is a wild owl because we can't keep it home. It can't see very well at day but when it is night the owl can see very well. I got this information from 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jordaan fell to the swimming pool

Do you know what happened at the SPH swimming pool?

When did it happened?

How did he feel?

On 6th May at 8:50 am, Jordaan our track editor fell into the Sph swimming pool. He fell when he wants to wash his feet. He slipped and fell into the swimming pool. He was so miserable because he had to wear Pak Lili's clothes. Jeremy, Dea, Riam, Charlie and Jordaan saw Jordaan fell. He fell to the deep water but he held the edge of the the swimming pool. Iw was a wierd fell. Jordaan needed to dry up for a while.

Monday, May 5, 2008

1. Walking
2. Talking
3. Reading
4. Spelling
5. English
6. Praying
7. Math
8. Sports
9. Painting
10. Use Computer

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Bookweek Character

My bookweek character is Captain Hook

I am from the story of Peter Pan

I have a hook in my hand

I Battle with Peter Pan at the end

Monday, April 7, 2008

Heartline Radio

The station Manager Pak Jose
David Lee         

On Wednesday 2nd of April, We went to visit Heartline Radio 100.6 FM. We went to Heartline Radio by using a bus. It take 3 Hours to get to get there.

When we got there the station manager introduce the part of the Heartline Radio. He's name was Pak Jose . After Pak Jose introduce the part of the Heartline Radio, we have lunch.

After lunch we went to a room. There was a man and a woman. The man's name was David lee and the woman's name was Miss Carly. . David lee is the producer of Heartline and Miss Carly is the trainer.

After they say something we asked question. After we asked question there was a Pop Quiz. I got a present because when David Lee asked "What does Marketing do"?. Then I answered "Looking for advertising". 

Friday, April 4, 2008

My story in Hong Kong

On Friday, March 14th, my dad, my brother, my grandparents and I went to Hong Kong. We left at 9:00 am. At Hong Kong we lived in a hotel named Renaissance Kowloon Hotel. The hotel was near a beach. The beach was very windy. We got there in the evening. We went to a wedding party of my uncle and my new aunt called Linda and Hoo.

The next day we rode a ferry to the other side of Hong Kong. We live in Hong Kong for 4  days and in China for 10 days. In China I met my cousins, Jason and Jackie, and my dad’s sister and her husband, Aunt Lili and uncle Riadi. We had a tour guide called Evelyne. We lived in the hotel called Jinyan Hotel. We stayed in room 1612. We had a very nice view out of the window. We could see a lake and at night we could see a lot of buildings. The buildings were decorated with colourful lights.

We climbed up a mountain in China called Wu Yi San. We went on a bamboo raft trip down a river called Nine Bend River. We were very excited because we could see many kind of fish, for example: Red eye fish. We were feeding the fish with fish crackers. It looked so good that I ate them as well.

We also saw some kung fu in the Shaolin Temple. The interesting one is when a guy broke a sword with his head and a hard bamboo stick with his leg. Unfortunately we had an accident in the Temple. My Grandfather fell down a stair and hurt his face and hand. Thank God it was not serious.

We have to go back home on March 28th we felt sad because I was going to miss my cousins, Aunt Lili and uncle Riadi. They had to go back to America while we had to go back to Indonesia. It was a memorable trip, but I wish we could stay longer. 

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Story of Sad and happy

Once upon a time there live a king that was very poor and he was sad. The King need money to buy food, by a crown. The kind ask his servants to give him lots of money. So the king's servant sell their cloths, houses. The king's servants gave the money to the king. then the king is rich and he was very happy.

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