Monday, April 7, 2008

Heartline Radio

The station Manager Pak Jose
David Lee         

On Wednesday 2nd of April, We went to visit Heartline Radio 100.6 FM. We went to Heartline Radio by using a bus. It take 3 Hours to get to get there.

When we got there the station manager introduce the part of the Heartline Radio. He's name was Pak Jose . After Pak Jose introduce the part of the Heartline Radio, we have lunch.

After lunch we went to a room. There was a man and a woman. The man's name was David lee and the woman's name was Miss Carly. . David lee is the producer of Heartline and Miss Carly is the trainer.

After they say something we asked question. After we asked question there was a Pop Quiz. I got a present because when David Lee asked "What does Marketing do"?. Then I answered "Looking for advertising". 

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