Friday, April 4, 2008

My story in Hong Kong

On Friday, March 14th, my dad, my brother, my grandparents and I went to Hong Kong. We left at 9:00 am. At Hong Kong we lived in a hotel named Renaissance Kowloon Hotel. The hotel was near a beach. The beach was very windy. We got there in the evening. We went to a wedding party of my uncle and my new aunt called Linda and Hoo.

The next day we rode a ferry to the other side of Hong Kong. We live in Hong Kong for 4  days and in China for 10 days. In China I met my cousins, Jason and Jackie, and my dad’s sister and her husband, Aunt Lili and uncle Riadi. We had a tour guide called Evelyne. We lived in the hotel called Jinyan Hotel. We stayed in room 1612. We had a very nice view out of the window. We could see a lake and at night we could see a lot of buildings. The buildings were decorated with colourful lights.

We climbed up a mountain in China called Wu Yi San. We went on a bamboo raft trip down a river called Nine Bend River. We were very excited because we could see many kind of fish, for example: Red eye fish. We were feeding the fish with fish crackers. It looked so good that I ate them as well.

We also saw some kung fu in the Shaolin Temple. The interesting one is when a guy broke a sword with his head and a hard bamboo stick with his leg. Unfortunately we had an accident in the Temple. My Grandfather fell down a stair and hurt his face and hand. Thank God it was not serious.

We have to go back home on March 28th we felt sad because I was going to miss my cousins, Aunt Lili and uncle Riadi. They had to go back to America while we had to go back to Indonesia. It was a memorable trip, but I wish we could stay longer. 


Jane Ross said...

This is an excellent story Corneille. Well done! I will be looking forward to more excellent stories like this from you in the classroom.

If you had put a picture I would have given you an even higher score. Your score is 9/10.

Jordaan said...

I really liked reading your story

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